President Reuven Rivlin Responds to Jerusalem Terror Attack


rivPresident Reuven Rivlin’s Office released the following statement following the fatal terrorist attack at the Ammunition Hill light rail station on Wednesday evening 28 Tishrei.

“The atrocious murder of an innocent baby girl, a victim of indiscriminate terrorism, should disgust all those who have a heart.

“The increasing incitement on the Arab streets and the streets of Jerusalem, which unfortunately receives the backing of leaders in the Arab world, has the ability to destroy the delicate balance of life in Jerusalem, and carry us all into a maelstrom of destruction and pain.

“As a sovereign people in our own country, and capital city, it is the security forces alone, who have the responsibility to act, decisively and unashamedly, in the face of these brutal terrorist operations.

“At such difficult times, our hearts are with the bereaved family and we pray for a quick and complete recovery of the wounded.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This rivlin fellow has described us – all of Israel as being an ill society.
    Reason; because we cant negotiate with deliberate baby killers, friends of beheaders.
    Are these the guys we need to negotiate with?
    While generally one needs to respect any office holder, in this case the only person ill is rivlin.