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BREAKING: Terrorist In Gush Etzion Stabbing Attack Was Released In Gilad Shalit Prisoner Swap


The terrorist who perpetrated the attack on Monday afternoon in Alon Shvut / Gush Etzion- which left a 25-year-old woman dead, and two others injured, has been named as Mahar al-Hashmalud, from PA occupied Hebron. He was released from Israeli prison in two prisoner deals. He was released in the deal reached by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the release of Elchanan Tannenbaum and then rearrested for his terrorist activities and released again in the Gilad Shalit deal.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Umm – it’s Elchanan Tennenbaum, not Ehud Tennenbaum.

    So – is Gilad Shalit’s life more valuable than that of the so-far-unnamed 25-year-old victim? Unless you can answer that question “yes”, how can you justify any future disproportionate prisoner swap?

    an Israeli Yid

  2. How shocking. Are the Israelis surprised that the killers they released are killing again? Until the Israelis kill these horrible terrorists right away, they will continue to make our lives miserable. They keep saying they are going to crack down on rioters, etc. but all they are doing is talking. If someone throws a rock, SHOOT HIM!

  3. Why in the world is this considered “Breaking”? This is not the first and I’d be shocked if it’s the last…

    @Tirtza – There is supposed to have been a new rule passed recently in this regard…

  4. The commentors are based on misplaced premise

    Obviously a solution there is :

    Capital Punishment

    But Israel , from it’s founding was against capital Punishment

    Would Israel be willing to change and finally give up on it’s predicated starry dream of a avant garde socialist humanistic tarnished ‘light to the nations’

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