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US Congressman Steve Stockman Statement On Recent Wave Of Terror Attacks In Israel

parOver the past month there have been a growing number of terrorist attacks in Israel. On October 22, a terrorist intentionally drove his car into a crowded light rail stop in Jerusalem, killing two people, including an American three month old baby, and injuring seven.

A week later there was an assassination attempt against Yehuda Glick, a civil rights activist who advocates for the right of Jews to be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. The attack was followed not by condemnation from the Palestinian National Authority, but instead was followed by further incitement by Palestinian National Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.

On November 5, there was another car attack at another crowded light rail station in Jerusalem, killing three people (including the attacker) and injuring thirteen.

On November 7, a song called “Car Intifada” was released that encouraged Arabs to engage in vehicular terrorism against Jews.

On November 10, a 20 year old man at a train station in Tel Aviv was killed in a stabbing attack. Several hours later, there was car attack at a bus stop in the Jerusalem suburb of Alon Shvut. When the attacker was unsuccessful in killing the people with his car, he got out of his car and started stabbing them, killing a 26 year old woman and wounding two others.

“These attacks must end” said Rep. Stockman. “The incitement coming from both Fatah and Hamas is only making the situation worse.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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