Policemen From NYPD 66 Pct Receive Citation From Hikind



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) presented citations today to Officers Igor Smolyakov and Joseph Droge of Brooklyn’s 66th Police Precinct for distinguished service. The officers had been seen stopping traffic and exiting their vehicle to personally and carefully escort an elderly woman across the street.

“One of my staff members called me to say that he’d watched two policemen stop their car in the middle of the street, get out, and help an elderly woman cross the street,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “I immediately thought of my own mother and anyone who I shared this story with thought of their own mother or their grandmother. It may sound like a small thing but it’s not.

“The NYPD gets a lot of criticism these days and people too rarely speak of the fine and important work they do. But this one example is a solid illustration of officers at their best. No one asked these policeman to help this woman. They were out on patrol, doing their jobs and they noticed that she was standing on the corner so they stopped and helped her. That is not a small thing: It shows sensitivity and concern. It’s all about making a difference in people’s lives and these two officers demonstrated that with their actions.”

Owen J. Monaghan, NYPD Chief of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, joined the event, thanking his officers and thanking Assemblyman Hikind for bringing attention to the incident. Motti Katz, a coordinator of the Boro Park Shomrim was also in attendance.

The citations were given out at the 66th Precinct in front of the officer’s peers.

(YWN Desk – NYC)