IDF Concludes Last Week Vehicular Incident In The Gush Was Terror Attack


hamasnThe IDF has concluded its investigation into the vehicular incident at Gush Etzion Junction that was first reported to be a terror attack, then a mistaken hit-and-run and now ruled a terror attack. The attack took place on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

Three soldiers were wounded in the attack, one seriously, one moderate-to-seriously and one less serious.

The driver, a PA (Palestinian Authority) resident, turned himself in to authorities the following day, insisting it was an accidental hit-and-run, explaining he feared that no one would believe him because of the recent increase in vehicular terror attacks. Israel Police was quick to signal it was likely a traffic accident and not terrorism, but the interrogation of the driver and the evidence gathered in the investigation says otherwise. The IDF has ruled conclusively the striking of the soldiers with a van was an intentional premeditated act of terror.

Footage of the attack from area surveillance cameras:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So the implication is the driver doesn’t get any points on his license (his driving skills seem quite good), but is held as a prisoner (of war? as a traitor? whatever), probably for life or until exchanged!

    However if he is claiming it was an accident, this would be the first time any terrorists didn’t “take credit”. of course by turning himself in, he doesn’t risk be shot while escaping capture.