DEVELOPING: SECOND TERROR ATTACK – Vehicle Slams Into Three IDF Soldiers At Gush Etzion Junction [UPDATED 3:23PM ET]



Emergency personnel are on the scene of a suspected terror attack on Route 60 at the Gush Etzion. Police are looking for a  large commercial vehicle with Palestinian plates. Israel Police said the vehicle rammed into three IDF soldiers. The vehicle escaped towards the south; security forces are conducting searches of the area and placing barricades to catch the suspect.

MDA transported 3 soldiers to the hospital, 1 in serious condition, 2 in moderate condition.

This would be the second terror attack in Israel today – both using vehicles hitting pedestrians. In the first incident, one person was killed, while 14 others were injured. The driver was shot dead by security forces.

Two weeks ago, an Arab terrorist drove a vehicle into a group of people in Yerushalayim, killing 3-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun HY”D, and a 22-year-old Yemima bas Avraham Avinu HY”D.