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Vishnitzer Rebbe: Yishmael are Not ‘Bnei Adom’

hagThe Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita, who visited the families of the Har Nof massacre announced during Shabbos the “Yishmaelim are not bnei adam but they are cruel by nature”.

The rebbe was speaking during seudas shlishis about the massacre in Har Nof and compared the kedoshim to the kedoshim of תרפ”ט, to the kedoshim massacred in Hebron.

The rebbe told his chassidim that he also visited the shul where the attack occurred and heard the rav explain the level of the kedoshim and the painful level of the galus Yishmael, explaining the term Pere Adam (‘פרא אדם’) in reference to Yishmael.

The rebbe concluded explaining HKBH will avenge the blood while the tzibur must strengthen its limud Torah and kedushas ha’dibbur (Speech).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “Yishmaelim are not bnei adam but they are cruel by nature.”

    Does that just mean “pere adam” instead of “bnei adam?”
    I dislike relying on English translations of speeches…

    What will the world think if they hear about this?

    What would we say if a leader of some other country
    or religion would talk about us like that?

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