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More Har Nof Residents Joining The Local Shomrim Organization Following Massacre

hntMore residents of the Jerusalem Har Nof neighborhood are joining the Shomrim organization in their neighborhood following the terrorist massacre of mispallalim and a policeman in the Kehillas Bnei Torah Beis Medrash on Agassi Street.

Messages are being sent to young males in the community via WhatsApp groups, calling on them to join the ranks of the Shomrim. A special kenos was announced for Tuesday 3 Kislev, but it was postponed as a kenos hisorarus is going to take place in the shul, the site of the massacre, on Tuesday night.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Irak, you obviously HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what’s going on in Israel. Army and police can destroy your Religious beliefs and ashes Shomer can live a normal True Jewish life and be available in case of emergency Chas Veshalom like Hatzala

  2. Community patrols are just that; community (based) patrols. Hatzalah, Zara, etc. are “commumity” based in that they are not government based and are not run by or controlled by the government at large. The concerns, therefore, that exist by joining the army do not exist when volunteering for one of these life-saving organizations.

  3. No.4.
    There is a difference between doing shnat sherut (and finished with your volunteer work for life)
    Volunteering all ones life, and dedicating an entire year only to shnat sherut.

  4. Yeah, because that’s exactly what we need- a bunch of “armed cowboys” running around Har Nof harassing anyone that doesn’t look like they belong there. How many of these guys will be at the Netz minyan to protect anyone if they were up a whole night patrolling? Listen to R’ Goldstein’s account of the story- nothing short of a Nes saved him. Not guns, not night sticks – pure and simple Rotzon Hashem. What good could Shomrim have done agains the lite rail station attacks? Hashem Yerachem!!!

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