Egypt Braces for New Islamist Protest Intended To Topple The Government


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egyEgyptians are bracing for potential violence ahead of a planned major protest by Islamists calling for the toppling of the government, with security forces vowing to confront any unrest with “lethal force.”

The Islamists’ call for nationwide rallies Friday is the first attempt in months to hold large protests in the face of an overwhelming crackdown. It remains uncertain whether they will succeed in pulling large numbers into the streets.

Security forces deployed in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square on Thursday evening. Many Egyptians say they are canceling social gatherings, avoiding public transportation and remaining home Friday, fearing that bombings or other attacks could take place.

The crackdown was launched after the military removed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi after protests against him last year.



  1. Those who proclaim to promote democracy should support these
    Islamists’ ,even if they’ll be uncomfortable with what will ensue

    (Similar to the federalist vs. republican of the 1790s)

  2. #2

    Netanyahu and Sharansky( ..who wrote a best seller on this) in the early part of past decade kept loudly trumpeting that the reason for the problems with the arab world was…due to it’s [then] lack of democracy

    (and most of you were mimicing it back then)

  3. Churchill Was Right (and Still Is)

    These observations of his on the Middle East have easily withstood the test of time:

    The whole of the Middle East is intimately related. Beneath the smooth surface of British rule and the slender garrisons which normally sustain it are smouldering the antagonisms of centuries. There are always feuds and animosities. There are always scores to be settled and fanatical thirsts to be slaked. Any appearance of lack of will-power on the part of the British Government or of lack of confidence in its mission in these countries blows like a draught of air on the dull, fierce embers” (1929).

    “The Middle East is one of the hardest-hearted areas in the world. It has always been fought over, and peace has only reigned when a major power has established firm influence and shown that it will maintain its will. Your friends must be supported with every vigour and if necessary they must be avenged. Force, or perhaps force and bribery, are the only things that will be respected. It is very sad, but we had all better recognize it. At present our friendship is not valued, and our enmity is not feared” (1958).