100s Spend Shabbos With Rabbi Berland In Amsterdam


berlHundreds of chassidim from New York, Miami and Belgium spent Shabbos Parshas Vayeitzei with Rosh Yeshivas Shuvu Banim, Rabbi Eliezer Berland ahead of the expected ruling in his extradition case.

Friday night tefilos took four hours and Shabbos morning tefilos took seven hours. Seudas Shlishis continued well into motzei Shabbos. The cost of the Shabbos was absorbed by two philanthropists close to the rav.

The chassidim arrived from a number of cities to be with their rebbe on the last Shabbos before a Dutch court is expected to announce its ruling regarding an Israeli extradition request. He has been avoiding arrest for over 18 months, having traveled to a number of countries including Morocco and Zimbabwe.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why doesn’t the Rav return to EY and testify in the court proceeding and if he is innocent, clear his name. Its inappropriate to have a chassideshe rav the subject of extradition proceedings. He should have the confidence that the truth will prevail and if he is wrongly accused, he will be exonerated.

  2. It ticks me off that you always use this picture of the Rav. I happen to know this Rav extremely well and by always showing the Rav in this light that you do is a Bizayon to your name as the Yeshiva World. This Rav has bought back thousands to Tshuva. Guilty until proven innocent is not the Torah. Anybody involved with this case knows that there is no case at all in Eretz Yisrael against him. Even the Dutch authorities are scratching their heads as to why Israel is chasing down an older man that there is no basis for the case. AND TO ANSWER those who keep saying go back to Israel.The facts on the ground is the ISRAELI authorities have been trying for years to try to know down this Tzadik he has caused to many of their children to do tshuva. And for the secular Israeli is the worst curse. Chas VShalom.

  3. Chaim36, your problem is that your viewing the situation through clear glasses. Stick your glasses in mud and you will be able to view the situation as the philanthropists did!

  4. To #1. You are SOOO naive if you think he will get a fair hearing in Israel. They rule however will make them look best in the anti-chareidi media.

  5. GadolHadoah, that’s exactly what he is scared that the truth will come out and then he will prison for the rest of his life, he is trying to make sure that the truth NEVER comes out