Education Ministry Orders the Closure of Elad Girl’s High School


hsgThe Ministry of Education has made good on its threat, ordering the closure of the Ashkenazi Girl’s Zelznik High School in Elad (“זלזניק”).

Meir Shimoni, who is the director of the Chareidi Education Department in the ministry has decided to ordered the closure of the school that just opened its doors this year due it what the ministry perceives to be a discriminatory policy against Sephardi girls. The ministry ordered the school to be integrated, 50% Ashkenazim and 50% Sephardim but this has not occurred. Shimoni explains that Elad City Hall and education officials were given ample time to comply with ministry demands but failed to do so – compelling the closure order.

Shimoni has turned to the ministry’s legal department requesting they begin taking the required steps to expedite the closure of the school.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The discrimination and prejudice in Israel against Sephardim is simply disgusting. We hear a lot of talk of wanting Mashiach and a lot of ballyhoo about unity, but it’s utter hypocrisy. So long as the Ashkenazim are running the show the Sephardim will always be treated like garbage or 2nd class at best. The sad fact it is the haredim that are most responsible for this sinat chinam. Mashiach will come regardless, and when he does there will be some serious accounts to be settled.

  2. “The sad fact it is the haredim that are most responsible for this sinat chinam.”

    The haredim are part of the problem, but I can’t agree with saying they are most responsible. It was the secular zionist that started it.