Education Ministry Threatens to Shut Frum Girl’s High School Due Discriminatory Policy


hsgThe Education Ministry has informed the Ashkenazi Girl’s Zelznik (“זלזניק”) High School that unless its student body changes to 50% Sephardi, it will be shutting it down. The school in question is located in Elad. Kikar Shabbos reports that with the ministry continuing to receive reports and complaints of discrimination against Sephardi girls, the decision was made to give the school an ultimatum.

The report cites the ministry is demanding equality and wants the school be half Ashkenazi and half Sephardi. The ministry is seeking a commitment to accept students the same way the city’s new Beis Yaakov does to bring an end to the discriminatory policy. The ministry has informed the school that if the conditions are not accepted in the coming days, a closure order for the school will be issued. The ultimatum follows two months of back and forth between the ministry and Elad Mayor Yisrael Porush. Porush has tried to implement a number of solutions during recent months but his initiatives were met with opposition from askanim in the city.

The ministry expects the frum high schools to accept children moving up the educational ladder without discrimination, which has not been the case in frum Ashkenazi girl’s schools to date.

The issue with this particular school began a number of months ago when the school informed a group of Ashkenazi students they were all accepted while all Sephardi applicants were rejected.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Boruch hashem…
    If we want Moshiach we need achdus. Not racism…..
    I wish they can implement these laws in Brooklyn Yeshivas.
    Plenty of Sefardi are rejected.
    Its pure racism

  2. Nothing new here!!

    Come Operation Defensive Shield, terror attacks by cars & in a shul, poverty on the rise, lack of security in the city, rock throwing on the roads & what never ends THE ASHKENAZI- SEFARDIC RIFT!!!

  3. voos epes,Your comments reflect on your ignorance of the entire matzav, of the entire sefaradi vs. ashkenazi climate. Anyone who has had their children suffer through the humiliation of the discrimination within schools representing the best of frum chinuch – and it is unfortunately almost ubiquitous – knows that it is horrible and must change. The schools administrators make up their own rules and standards and perceive them as completely just and holy. The Admorim and Rabbanim have little to no influence! Prevalently, the communication by the gedolim who could easily instrument a change if they would be heeded, is silenced by their busy-body handlers. It is sad but true. I have been around, and I have seen the misery profligate all over in very holy families, not street bums! I can tell you of a story of one of the holiest and saintliest Admorim in Eretz Yirael today. Here I don’t want to mention his name. He was visited by a miserable father of a daughter who was not accepted into a fine Bais Yaakov with the excuse that there was no room (read that: because you are a sefaradi). The Rebbe called the principal and offered to take HIS DAUGHTER out of the class to make room for the other girl(that’s right, by great coincidence he had a daughter entering the same class)> OK! Suddenly a brand new space magically opened up. Why are these administrators deciding whose blood is redder?

  4. there needs to be an answer to racism, no doubt. But %50? Is the population 50-50? If the population is %70 ashkenazi, why would there need to be %50 sefardim in class??

    The school has certain guidelines. Lets say they don’t want kids from families that are lax in their religious practice: they have TV, the brothers are half off the derech and so on.

    Those guidelines ought to be administered without prejudice. No doubt. But if the sefardi group are less serious about their observance – and I’m not saying this is so, but perhaps it is – can the school be faulted for accepting only the children of families it feels comfortable with, even if the result is a predominantly Ashkenazi class?

  5. Rule of thumb:Whatever charedim are attacked for ,the secular are just as bad or worse.

    All higher secular educational facilites discriminate
    (just ask my neighbor, a post doctoral sefaradi)

    Another smokescreen

    It mainly a means to lower the level of charedi schools

    There’s a decorated IDF veteran yemenite carsalesman in NJ ,who applied to University in Israel using his real name.He “failed” his application
    HE then applied again ,using an Askenasi name.
    Guess what?He was accepted.

  6. #4 #9 etc.
    Americans living in israel have long suffered as much or more,but their complaints were/are ignored by the establishment & courts

    How come?