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Marzel & Ben-Ari Planning to Run for the 20th Knesset

marzelRight-wing activist and Hebron resident Baruch Marzel and former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari are planning to run for a slot in the 20th Knesset under their Otzma Yisrael banner. They have run in the past but failed to earn enough votes to enter Knesset and that was when the minimum threshold was two seats. That has changed and the minimum today is four seats, over 140,000 votes.

Former Ichud Leumi party MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad told Srugim News that he feels their decision is a mistake, one that will simply waste right-wing votes. He explained the party is definitely ideological, as are its voters and the latter are therefore not necessarily concerned with success when they cast their ballot. They will remain loyal even if it clear the party hasn’t a chance of getting in.

Eldad explains that he heard some of Dr. Ben-Ari’s reasons for running and admits some of his points are indeed valid. However, he explains that will not change the reality of requiring sufficient votes for four seats to enter Knesset and many votes will be wasted as a result.

When asked if he plans to run, Eldad explains “I was in Knesset for ten years. I shouted and spoke and did my best and I believe my influence as an MK ran its course”. He explains that the current party makeup has changed but if there is a nationalist party with a hashkafa he can live with, then it may be something to consider but at present, such a forum does not exist.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Mr. Lapid and Mr. Herzog wish to express their thanks (remember who ends up getting the extra seats when they throw out the votes of those falling under the threshold).

  2. Akuperma
    It doesn’t work like that. The votes that don’t reach the threshold go straight to the trash and don’t cause the other party seat numbers to rise. The vote per seat ratio is the same whether or not the votes add up to a seat. Or in thhis case 4 seats.

  3. Spectrum:
    You are wrong because if these votes get thrown out and they were votes intended for the Right whatever that maybe then it does benefit the left because they will be unaccounted for in the Knesset. This is how the left always sneaks in because they are usually more organized. Jewish Home has been the first “Religious Right” party to be effective in Israel’s history. Similar to Satmer’s view on not voting negatively impacts the Haredi makeup of the Knesset… Voting Otzma and not being counted will have the same effect as not voting. Thus helping the left.

  4. Even though I love Ben Ari, he did not make it last time with 2 seats and won’t with 4. It’s better to vote the the next best party BY or what ever you like loyal to the land of Israel so you don’t waste your vote and at least weaken the other non loyal parties

  5. When a party’s votes are wasted, all other parties benefit across the spectrum So if various “right” breakaway parties earn enough votes for four seats but squander them by running excess lists, the left gets two and the right gets two. Since the voters wanted a “right” candiate, they end up electing two extra lefties.

  6. I wrote a year ago that the primary reason that Bennet was pushing for the higher threshold ,was to keep parties like these for having any chance,and forcing Ariel & Co. to be stuck with his chevra.

    Now it has come to pass…

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