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Former ISA Chief Urges the Nation to Shift Left

disFormer ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) Director Yuval Diskin is not hiding his fears regarding the upcoming national elections. He signals that he personally may not run but he does plan to remain active in the effort to remove Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from the nation’s leadership position.

Using his Facebook page to get the message out, Diskin wrote “The situation is extremely critical and timing critical…” explaining that anyone can and must be elected as prime minister excluding Netanyahu, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

“These are elections to determine the path Israel will take during this sensitive time and it is most important to remember this. I can understand the frustration towards Bibi’s spinelessness, Bennett’s immaturity, and Lieberman’s cynicism.

“But friends, between us – Bibi, Bennett, and Lieberman are just an unsuccessful example of the real problem, which is the path towards which they are dragging all of us, sometimes knowingly and sometimes due to being detached and weak”.

Diskin continues, warming it is a “religious/nationalist path”, adding the path chosen is steadily taking Israel to a binational state instead of implementing the two-state solution. He warns that “racism is spreading at an alarming rate, and anyone who is not a Jew is not painted as a patriot and is not a Zionist”.

“The path is one in which the wealthy do not have any compassion for the weak, especially towards the two million primarily Arab and chareidi communities and 800,000 children”.

Diskin is calling on the public to demand and pressure the centrist/left-wing parties to “leave egos behind” and do what it takes to place a new person in the nation’s leadership seat. He concludes saying that the politicians who do not cooperate should be punished at the ballot box.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. Anyone who saw the documentary “the guardians” knows that Diskin is very left winged and a Palestinian sympathizer. Therefore his statements should not be taken seriously in the forum community.

  2. Netanyahu is strong and has defied our enemies who seek to destroy Israel through war, terrorism and diplomatic compromise. Diskin’s incitement in the name of democratic principles is nothing more than an attempt to discredit Orthodox Judaism. The liberals in Israel will weaken the nation by playing into the hands of so-called moderate Arabs who pretend to be moderate. They are as militant as the others.

  3. #1 is 100% correct. It just incredible that a former head of Shin Bet can be so left-wing in light of who were are dealing with.

    #2. Claiming everybody’s position is to discredit orthodox Judaism, anti-Torah or looking to destroy Torah (as is a common point made on these forums) is like the boy who cried wolf. When it’s true, it won’t be believed.

    People have different viewpoints and perspectives and just because it may differ from ours, doesn’t mean they want to destroy our way of life.

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