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VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: Israel: Major MVA on Highway 1 – Road to Remain Closed for Hours [UPDATED 1:24PM IL]

photos212:10 PM IL: A collision on Highway 1, the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway shut down areas roads on Wednesday morning 18 Kislev. One fatality is reported. Two tucks collided, one being a fuel tanker, which burst into flames. The second truck may have bene a a vehicle carrier. Police report the Ben-Shemen Interchange from Highway 1 and Highway 6 southbound remain shut. Traffic is at a standstill.

Magen David Adom and Ichud Hatzalah responded. MDA reports that efforts to extricate the driver from the burning tanker was unsuccessful. A one kilometer safety radius has been set into place as some reports indicate one truck involved is carrying a toxic substance.

1:24PM IL: The area of road involved in the accident will remain closed for hours. Rescue workers are having difficult separating the trucks for fear of re-igniting the fire in the area.

Fire expects warn a spark could result in the fuel tanker lighting up again. EMS personnel are standing by as many agencies continue operating on the scene.

There are also vehicles that were on the transport truck that were thrown to the road. Israel Police reports Hwy 1 is closed between Ben Shemen and Anaba Interchanges – use 443. Hwy 6 is closed between Ben Shemen & Nesharim Interchanges – use 444.

mva1 mva2 mva3 mva4

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: MDA, Ichud Hatzalah, Israel Police)

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