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Mrs. Adina Bar-Shalom on Shas Leader Deri

absMrs. Adina Bar-Shalom, daughter of Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L was heard on Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) which aired a recording of her speaking about Shas leader Aryeh Deri. Bar-Shalom explained that she felt Deri was acting incorrectly and lost his vision and was not acting as he was instructed by Rav Ovadia.

After the video was aired Bar-Shalom apologized, not accusing the radio station of playing something untrue, but for her words. She later joined Aryeh Deri on national television and announced she would not seek a seat in Knesset as many believed she planned. She stated “I am putting my ego and feminism aside and remaining in Shas, which was abba’s legacy and I am not going to break from that”. She called on the tzibur to do the same, to stand behind Shas. (This all occurred prior to Eli Yishai announcing his break from Shas to form a new party).

On Tuesday, 24 Kislev, part 2 of the recording of Bar-Shalom was aired. She is heard expressing her utter disappointment over Deri’s handling of affairs, adding “he changed for the worse while in prison”.

“We placed so much hope on Aryeh. Most of the tzibur awaited his return, to return to what he was previously. I did not know that where he was apparently had an impact on him. The tzibur does not like a person who fights and just continues fighting and then attacks and attacks and attacks”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Adina belongs with Deri, they are both left-wing pacifists with huge appetites for social entitlements.

    WHILE the SHAS kehilla are right wingers & sick over the thought to join with Herzog for a liberal/peace give away deal to bring Terror to Yehuda & Shomron.

  2. Ouch… the truth hurts, I assume we’ll be seeing more of this behind-the-scenes reality in the coming months.

    The amazing thing is that Eli Yishai is not providing any of this.
    Yishai wasn’t called “הנאמן” by Maran z”tl for no reason…

  3. It is sad that Shas can not be inclusive of all the various factions to strengthen the work of this amazing godol hador, Rav Ovadia zt”l, without bickering, publicly bad mouthing or negative with maclokes or splitting his party. chaval, chaval, chaval. If everyone that attended his levaya would vote for shas, what a koach and kovod l’nishmoso that would be. At least a half million votes.This is so simple but they don’t get it. chaval, chaval, chaval.

  4. bklynmom whilst i wholeheartedly echo your sentiments it would be a lot easier if orthodox jews would make aliyah already

    Embrace your emunah and make aliyah – in the words of Hashem

    where are you? Why do you remain in deep tumah in Chutz laaretz?

  5. “lost his vision”

    did not know that this rotten apple had a vision. thought his only purpose what to steal money for shas…

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