Agudath Israel Statement on EU Court’s Removal of Hamas from Terrorist List


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hamasThe recent ruling of a European Union court to remove Hamas from the EU’s terrorist list is nothing short of astounding.

The ruling, even if on procedural grounds, sends an outrageous message to the world – and an encouraging one to Hamas, which has understandably received it joyfully.

That the categorization of an “organization” pledged to the destruction of a sovereign state and the murder of its citizens can in any way be in question is ludicrous. It would seem that Islamic terror attacks in Europe have yielded the cowardly response hoped for by their perpetrators.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Remember, the Nazis yemach shmom banned shechita on humanitarian grounds – and then tortured, terrorised and slaughtered millions of humans in unspeakable cruelty in the name of ? Europe’s morality is sinking again!

  2. I might add, if the ultimate goal of the EU is to make the region Judenfrei, they have found a backdoor way to do so. These and other deplorable actions and policies (or lack thereof) are making life as Jews there unbearable, motivating Jews to leave en masse like nothing since the 1930s. Warning to the EU partners: If you keep this up, this will not leave you with Lebensraum, but with Shariah law. Hope you enjoy your new-found future!