MK Moshe Feiglin’s Blueprint for Israel Future


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feigMK Moshe Feiglin made the following address at Bar Ilan University on Sunday, 22 Kislev 5775. Campaign officials report this is the MK’s “blueprint for Israel’s future”.

Dear Friends,

It is no coincidence that I have chosen the Bar Ilan University as the venue at which to present my political platform.

In all the officers’ training courses that I completed, one rule was highlighted: If you lose direction while navigating, return to the point at which you lost your way and from there, start again.

Here, in this place, where PM Netanyahu made his famous Bar Ilan speech, we lost our political and diplomatic direction.

Here, in this place, the National Camp accepted the principle of two-states for two peoples, as it were – in the very heart of our Land.

Here, in this place, the National Camp adopted the seed of destruction that had sprouted during the sixties in the most radical leftist camps and was vehemently rejected by the Labor camp and the sane Left.

Thus, we return to here today, to the place at which we lost our direction. We return to the national ideological foundations and to the only diplomatic principle that is just, wise and realistic:

One state for one nation in one Land

It was former Labor party PM Golda Meir who said, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation”. All the heads of the Labor party always pledged that they would never recognize and never hold any type of discussions with the terror organizations that vowed to liberate the Land of Israel from its Jews.

Why not?

What did the Left once understand that even the Right today does not comprehend?

Until the Oslo Accords, the entire nation – Right and Left – understood that there is an inherent difference between border disputes with neighboring Arab countries and the conflict with the PLO.

The wars with our neighbors can be ended with one type of agreement or another.

But with the PLO, the conflict is not territorial. They claim ownership of the entire Land. The PLO is the organization for the liberation of the entire Land of Israel from all the Jews. Thus, recognition of the organization is recognition of the justice of its claim.

What we lost in the Oslo Accords, which were brought to us by the Left and the rationale for which the Right adopted – is much more than parts of our heartland. What we lost is the most powerful weapon of all: We lost the sense of the justice of our cause.

Do you understand?

It makes no difference how strong you are, how technological you are, how many fences, cement blocks and Iron Dome batteries you position. It also doesn’t matter how humane you are and how cruel the other side is. What ultimately determines world opinion is very simple:

Who is the just side of the story?

When we shook hands and hugged the most nefarious murderers, when we released them from their prison cells and gave them the heart of our Land and the holiest places in our country – we lost the basic justice and legitimacy for our existence.

That is how we got to the situation in which they can fire missiles at Tel Aviv and win world approval…

They are convinced of the justice of their cause, while we merely shoot missiles against their missiles.

For when we lost the sense of the justice of our cause, all that remained was the principle of self-defense.

Yes, dear friends.

Today, they shoot at civilian population centers, we do not do so – and nevertheless world opinion always favors them – simply because the world will always take the side of the just.

As such, the first principle in any diplomatic/security strategy is to restore our lost sense of justice.

Oslo, the unilateral retreats and surrender of territory have brought us nothing but war. They have brought violent, murderous terror upon us – tens of times more than in the past.

They brought long-range missiles upon us.

They brought us the terror tunnel threat.

Today, it is already clear to all: This is not the right direction.

Prudent leadership must be willing to face reality.

Responsible leadership must strive for the only diplomatic solution:

One state for one nation in one Land.

By no coincidence, this is exactly what is clearly written in the Likud charter:

“Application of sovereignty in all parts of the Land of Israel in our hands.”

We must return to the foundations that we have abandoned.

We must act with resolve to apply Israeli sovereignty in all parts of our Homeland.

The abandonment of sovereignty, particularly on the Temple Mount, means the loss of security in Tel Aviv. It invites terror into every home in Israel.

This is our Land – ours alone!

This is our Land in the merit of the promise to our Forefathers, who rest in the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron.

This is our Land in the merit of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, bought by our King, David.

This is our Land in the merit of the eternal covenant with our Father in Heaven, nurtured over the millennia.

This is our Land, to which we have been faithful for over 2000 years of exile.

This is our Land, which has been faithful to us and in which no other national entity has risen since we were exiled from it.

This is our Land, also recognized as ours by the nations of the world in the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Conference. No other significant legislation was ever passed.

This is our Land, it is ours alone. And as we have seen time and again, any other statement brings about:

More terror,

More international pressure

and more loss of legitimacy.

The Likud under my leadership will fundamentally rectify the terrible mistake of the Oslo Accords and restore security and peace to Israel’s residents.

How will we apply the one-state principle?

First, we must understand: The Oslo era is over!

Israel has no obligation to unilaterally uphold the agreement, which was abrogated by the Arab side at every opportunity and from every possible perspective.

Israel will declare that the open support of terror and the countless betrayals of the Arab side have depleted the Oslo Accords of all content and that from our point of view, these accords are null and void.

Israel will restore its full control in all the territory abandoned as per the Accords – as it did in the Defensive Shield Operation.

After restoration of its control, Israel will declare its complete sovereignty over the entire area.

The Arab residents of these areas will be able to choose between three options.

But before I elaborate, a few words on demography:

The demographic direction in Israel has unrecognizably changed in the past decade. The only woman in the world who today gives birth to more children than her mother is the Jewish woman in the Land of Israel. Yes, including the Jewish woman in Tel Aviv.

On the other side of the coin, there is steady Arab emigration from our Land.

According to these current trends and with no promotion of emigration, the Jewish majority in the area between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea will grow to 80% in the next 15 years.

This working assumption takes into account the projected aliyah of just half a million Jews during that time period. I have no doubt that a much larger aliyah of a million and a half new immigrants will actually take place in the coming decade: From Ukraine, France and the entire world.

In light of these statistics, there is clearly no reason for us to despair and bequeath the land that we received on a silver platter from our parents to our children – as a terror state.

Another vital statistic for understanding Israel’s next necessary diplomatic steps:

According to comprehensive surveys frequently publicized in Israel, approximately 65% of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria are interested in emigration and approximately 90% of the Arabs of Gaza would like to emigrate. They are captive to regimes that do not allow them to actualize their will. Young people in Gaza currently pay thousands of dollars for a place in a rickety boat to the shores of Italy. Sometimes they drown in the open seas.

After liberating the Gazans from the Hamas regime and the youth of Judea and Samaria from the puppet regime of terror, the will be offered one of the following three options:

Option 1: Permanent Resident Status:

The condition for receiving this status is a clean record and acceptance of Israeli sovereignty.

Option 2: After a period of time to be determined, receipt of Israeli citizenship.

Conditions for citizenship would be public declaration of loyalty to Israel and national service. (It is Israel’s full right to scrupulously examine a public that has fought it for years prior to offering it citizenship).

The third option, which I believe is the most fair and attractive:

Those who do not wish to accept Israeli sovereignty can receive a respectable emigration basket and generous aid to pursue their future elsewhere. The costs of this option are miniscule in comparison to the astronomical sums of money that Israel has invested in the two-state idea.

What about international pressure?

As above, the world supports the just and resolute.

Israel merited the status of ally and economic and defense aid from the US only after it conquered Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Sinai in the Six Day War.

True, we can anticipate a wave of condemnation, as in the past, when we bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

But with resolute Israeli leadership, the world will understand that the rules of the game have changed; that the boss has returned and that we have restored to ourselves the most important weapon of all: belief in the justice of our cause!

Then, the world will once again turn a smiling face to Israel, as it did after the Six Day War.

For this to happen, we must once again believe in ourselves. To do so, we must strengthen Israel’s Jewish identity.

Israel’s Jewish identity is at the foundation of this enterprise. Jewish identity is the basis that gathers and unites Israeli society as a strong society that firmly advocates its rights and stands strong in the face of external pressure and threats.

I will act to strengthen the Jewish identity of the State of Israel.

I will act to fortify Israel’s family values.

I will act to buttress the personal liberty of every Israeli citizen.

Solid identity and true concern for the liberty and prosperity of every citizen will fill the hearts of our youth with a sense of pride and belonging to their Land.

No longer will our young people be enticed to seek their future overseas – because of the high price of chocolate desserts.

But pride and a sense of belonging are not enough. The Likud must once again raise the economic and social flag.

Over the past two years, the Likud has disconnected from the citizens. The social and economic ministries – all of them! – were given to coalition ‘atmosphere’ parties. This is a mistake and fiasco that must not be repeated! We must restore economic leadership to the socially-aware Likud.

I am committed to fundamentally changing the economic situation in Israel.

I am committed to an uncompromising battle against the high cost of living and the unreasonable economic burden that rests on the shoulders of the average citizen.

Under my leadership, the Likud will not allow the food and housing cartels to charge prices that are more than double the norm in the world.

I will act to truly open the markets, to truly dissolve the monopolies and to truly create competition, which will surely lower prices.

The key to rehabilitating Israel’s economy is to create competition in the market – not to lower the Value Added Tax – not on housing and not on food.

The principle that successfully dissolved the monopoly on cellular phones in Israel must be applied in the housing market, the retail market and the financial markets.

The Likud under my leadership will drastically reduce the cost of land for construction. The State currently holds 93% of Israel’s land reserves. It could lower the price of that land immediately.

Under my leadership, the Likud will embark on a gradual process of transferring ownership of the land from the State to the citizens.

The liberation of the central mountain range in Judea and Samaria for accelerated construction will also quickly lower the prices of land and housing in the entire country.

In the retail market, we will open basic food and consumer items to competitive imports with equal conditions.

In the financial market, we will create true competition between the banks. We will ease the procedure for the opening of new banks and we will stop the robbing of our pensions by the insurance companies.

Dear friends,

I am offering you leadership with faith; leadership that is completely different than what we have become accustomed to.

I offer leadership – so lacking in these days – with a true and clear ideological path. I offer leadership of integrity and reliability; leadership that does not change course with every new survey; leadership that means what it says and implements what it promises.

I am convinced that this type of leadership will restore the many mandates that the Likud lost to parties with a better-defined agenda in the National Camp and will transform the Likud into Israel’s undisputed leadership party.

Last week, a survey showed that the Likud under my leadership would win 18 mandates. That is only the beginning.

When the National Camp will understand that it has to whom to turn, those 18 mandates will be no more than the floor from which we will achieve the mandate ceiling that will restore the Likud’s strength as in the past.

The time has come to lead the change; to get the Likud back on the right diplomatic and economic course.

The time has come to bring back our friends and colleagues who have left the Likud for other parties.

I call upon you to vote for the right path for the Likud. For honest and reliable leadership.

I call upon you to vote for me, to strengthen the Likud and to return our country – with security and prosperity – to its true course and destiny.

Thank you.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)