Jerusalem Arab Residents Convicted of Catering Hall Terror Plot


hamasnThe Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday, 15 Teves, convicted Ana Awsat, Basel Avidt, Ahmed Sarur, and Amaru Abedo, all residents of the Jabil Mukhaber neighborhood of the capital, of conspiring to perpetrate a shooting attack in the Nof Catering Hall in Bayit Vegan. B’chasdei Hashem they were apprehended before they could carry out the attack. All of the defendants were employed in the Jerusalem catering hall.

They all admitted to the terror plot, which involved entering in chareidi garb, which would facilitate concealing their weapons and then opening fire indiscriminately and people attending a wedding.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Note that this neighborhood has produced the worst terrorists of late and has been the source of ongoing conflict at least since the first intifada of 1988. Anyone for a petition to the authorities to raze Jebel Mukabber and offer the residents an alternative in Saudi Arabia from whence their funding probably originates?

  2. You mean when I am sitting at a chasunah eating a burekah, some arabs in the kitchen are coming to kill us? hmmm. I’ll pass on the bureka and stay home.