NEW: YWN Releases Mobile Version of Free Classifieds


Screenshot_2014-12-02-14-29-11After receiving many requests and emails, YWN has released an update to the free classifieds section. In the latest update, the classified section usability has improved with a new responsive design making it easier to use on mobile devices.

Users can now peruse the latest listings on their mobile devices. Users can also reach the listing owner directly from the listing itself.

All non commercial listings are totally free.

Placing an ad is easy, simple, and most of all – SECURE! The usernames are not connected to the names you use to comment on YWN, so your anonymity is guaranteed. Should someone be interested in your ad, you will receive an email sent to you through YWN. You can then decide if you want to respond. Your email address will never be published anywhere.

Post as many ads as you want. There is no limit.

We hope that you will find this useful, and we thank you for supporting YWN.