Lawmakers To Weigh Sheldon Silver’s Fate, Call For His Ouster Increases


silDemocrats in New York’s state Assembly are debating whether to call for the ouster of their longtime leader, Speaker Sheldon Silver, following federal corruption charges.

The lawmakers plan to continue closed-door talks Tuesday on whether they want to retain Silver as their leader. Lawmakers left the Capitol late Monday after several hours of deliberations.

An increasing number of lawmakers say Silver must step down, but so far the Manhattan Democrat has fought to keep the position he has held for 21 years.

Silver was arrested Thursday and faces charges that he took nearly $4 million in payoffs and kickbacks.

Silver said Monday he expects to be exonerated. He has offered to temporarily cede power to top lawmakers to give him time to fight the charges.



  1. It is probable that most lawyers in the legislature are guilty of the same offense (being paid by their law firms for adding prestige to the firm and thereby attracting clients, rather than conventional legal work). Indeed, that is probably true of virtually every lawyer serving in a state position that is not a full time job (unlike Federal, since Congress is now a full time job).

  2. Akup. Yes they all have second jobs and it’s allowed but cheating on taxes isn’t. Taking graft isn’t. They have him on five yes five counts Stop denying what is happening.
    He has demanded republicans toe the line or resign. Time for Shelly to do the same. It’s embarrassing to have him represent orthodoxy in ny