Knesset Channel Election Poll


votThe latest Knesset Channel election poll conducted by Panels Politics was released on Tuesday, 7 Shevat. The poll shows the so-called “Zionist camp” composed of the Labor/The Movement parties maintain its lead.

Labor/The Movement: 25

Likud: 23

Bayit Yehudi: 15

Arab bloc: 12

Yesh Atid: 11

Kulanu: 8

Shas: 7

Yahadut Hatorah: 7

Yisrael Beitenu: 6

Meretz: 6

Yachad: 0

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. KNESSET CHANNEL wants to see certain results and reports it as such.
    In the streets, Yesh Atid is dropping, Shas is dropping, Arab Block is rising and Yachad is rising.

  2. 1. Polls are unreliable, especially pertaining to hareidim and Sefardim, and if Yishai does pass the threshold it will affect the outcome.

    2. Likud can form a government only with all the right wing and hareidi parties, and still might need some help.
    Labor can form a government only with the Arabs and/or Hareidim, and probably both.

    3. Significant changes are limited to Lieberman and Lapid losing seats, which went to those they were allied with – and Shas losing seats to Yishai (which may end up wasted since Yishai lacks enough support to be elected, unless the polls are wrong, which they probably are).

  3. Response to “Arabs won’t be part of any coalition.”

    It appears they would be quite willing to support the coalition from the outside (by voting yes on “no confidence motions” but on nothing else). The hareidi parties have done that in the past. Also, the political objections to “selling out zionism” by including the non-zionist Arabs would be lessened if they also include the non-zionist Hareidim. Labor could probably agree to welfare benefits that help non-veterans, and to exempt those with religious objections to military service – something dear to the hears of those being threatened with “share the burden” legislation.