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Kol Berama Radio Host Joins Yishai’s List

yishain2With the Thursday night midnight deadline to announce party lists closing in, Yachad leader Eli Yishai announced yet another member of his team, Kol Berama Radio host Dudi Shwamenfeld. When asked why he would leave his job to join a party that might not pass the minimum threshold in the elections, Dudi said “voters are wise and they know which party to vote for”. He added “for me, it is a big honor to join this party”.

Shwamenfeld spoke of the mission, the wonderful reality that he party combines dati leumi and chareidi candidates. When asked, he stated he does not yet know what number he will be on the lineup.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I would love to see Dudi in the knesset, giving his fiery rants like he used to on the radio! He is one of their best radio hosts.

    He will be definitely missed on Kol Barama.

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