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NY Picks Kiryas Joel To Lead Review Of Annexation Request

kjNew York’s environmental commissioner has chosen Kiryas Joel to lead the review of its request to annex 500 acres in an adjacent

Commissioner Joe Martens’ decision dated Wednesday means Kiryas Joel will oversee the state-mandated environmental impact review on its politically controversial request to annex land from Monroe, about 50 miles north of New York City.

Leaders of the densely settled enclave say the village is bursting at the seams and needs land to accommodate their quickly growing population.

The property proposed for annexation consists of 177 tax lot parcels in seven cluster groups with more than half appearing to be unimproved. A total of 462 acres contain forested and agricultural lands, water features and wetlands.

Local opponents of the annexation say they fear unwanted increases in apartment complexes and traffic in the suburban area. They opposed Kiryas Joel’s request for lead agency status in the State Environmental Quality Review process.

The commissioner also reminded KJ officials that they have committed to an enhanced and transparent coordinated review including public scoping sessions, web posting of documents and a SEQR hearing on the draft generic environmental impact statement.

Martens said the long-awaited decision was made after a thorough review.


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