Lieberman Vows Not to Enter a Left-Wing Coalition


lieYisrael Beitenu party leader Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced he will not enter into left-wing coalition following elections. The minister told Yediot Achronot on Sunday 12 Shevat that despite signaling such an eventuality earlier, his party will not enter into a coalition with the left-wing.

Yisrael Beitenu is ailing in the latest polls, with an erev Shabbos Parshas Bo poll showing that Lieberman’s party is down to 6 seats. The party in the outgoing 19th Knesset has 19 seats.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. as if they would want him? On virtually all issues his positions are diametrically opposed to Labor’s. He is a socially conservative, ultra-nationalist, anti-socialists, and Labor is socially liberal, barely zionist and socialist.

    His statement might reflect a fear that some of his supporters may be thinking he would join a Labor-led government, and are threrefore switching their votes to Likud.

  2. A lot of his voters are right wing nationalists. When he said he might enter a left wing coalition, he drove most of them away.
    It’s not going to be easy to woo them back and regain their trust. Why should they now believe him, since he has already made clear that in principal he’s not opposed to a left wing coalition.

  3. Lol you got you facts good he has 19 seats now????? Ha right and the knesset has 525 seats oh and Leberman has 30seats get your facts sstraight for once he has 11 seats now not 19