Shas Leader Deri: If Netanyahu Doesn’t Meet Our Demands, He Won’t Form the Next Coalition


deriShas party leader MK Aryeh Deri stated that if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not accept his party’s demands, Shas will not enter the next coalition and Netanyahu will not be building the next coalition government.

Deri adds that his party prefers Netanyahu and not Labor party candidate Yitzchak Herzog because this is the wish of most of Shas voters. He explains there are many issues upon which Shas and the prime minister see eye-to-eye, but there are also important issues upon which they do not agree.

Deri made his comments during an election event in N. Israel, stating Shas’ entry into the next coalition will be contingent on the prime minister meeting the party’s demands.

Various recent election polls place Shas at either 4 or 5 seats. Should this be the case the day after national elections, Mr. Deri’s bargaining power will be limited.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. And there are issues that he agrees with Herzog? Herzog gave a political speak answer to a yes or no question on whether he believes in G-d. Other than money and the giving of the Land away, what does Deri agree with Herzog?

  2. i think true orthodox jews do agree with herzog about not starting up with arabs for no reason and cause unneeded anti semitisim IE HAR HABYIS