State’s Star Witness Against PM Netanyahu Put on the Defensive


bibState Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is probing the information found in the state comptroller’s report citing excessive spending in the Prime Minister’s Residence. This probe may lead to a criminal investigation against the prime minister, his wife and staff members at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Officials speaking on behalf of the prime minister explained the inaccuracies of the report, placing the blame on Meni Naftali, the former manager of the PM’s residence.

When Meni heard he was the scapegoat he turned to authorities to report that in fact, he can document the excessive spending, adding he was not dismissed by the PM’s Residence as reported, but he quit.

The prime minister’s team is not making apologies, now accusing Naftali of stealing cases of groceries and goods from the PM’s office when he was employed, events that led to his dismissal. One neighbor of Naftali’s brother-in-law has provided police with a statement that he saw him unloading cartons from his vehicle into the home of his brother-in-law, goods that allegedly were taken without authorization from the PM’s Office.

The neighbor told police that he saw these occur in 2011-2012, adding two vehicle would pull up and unload each time.

Naftali’s attorney Ofir Almog said “It would be good to see the Prime Minister’s Office set an example and if officials have information pointing to illegal activity by anyone, to report the details to police. Mr. Naftali has been accused and faces harsh allegations but is determined to reveal the truth in the matter”.

The prime minister has engaged the services of prominent attorney Yaakov Weinroth to represent him should a criminal investigation be launched by the attorney general.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)