Deadline This Week: New Camp Starting in Eretz Yisroel for Bais Medresh Bochurim


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Finally, a camp has been designed that allows true

Yeshiva Bachurim the experience they have always craved with the Shmirah their parents deserve.

FOR MORE INFO  CALL (347) 946 2215 

Just outside Yerushalayim, nestled in the Judean Hills in the Chareidi community of Telzstone, is the campus of Camp Tiyulei Torah. Our spacious dormitory, comfortable Beis Hamedrash with its excellent collection of seforim and english Judaic library,

extensive sports and recreation facilities and scenic location are just the beginning. Tours, hikes, Shabbatonim, and a plethora of amazing ruchani and gashmi experiences await. At every step

and turn, our experienced and caring Rebbeim will be right alongside to guide, supervise and inspire on this

most meaningful and exciting experience. Get to know the Kosel and it’s ancient tunnels. Visit Tzfas, Meron, Tevariah. Daven at Kever Rachel, immerse in the Ari”zl’s mikva, bask in holiness at

Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. Meet with Klal Yisrael’s Gedolim and Poskim in the Torah cities of Yerushalayim and B’nei Brak.

The Land of our Avos. The summer of your dreams.

FOR MORE INFO  CALL (347) 946 2215 OR EMAIL: [email protected] 

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FOR MORE INFO  CALL (347) 946 2215 OR EMAIL: [email protected]