Mayor de Blasio Defends Metzitzah B’peh Agreement


debMayor Bill de Blasio is defending New York City’s tentative agreement with members of the Jewish community over Metzitzah B’peh.

Health officials have linked 17 cases of infant herpes since 2000 to the ancient ritual of sucking blood from the wounds of the infants.

The new deal no longer requires the circumcisers to obtain signed consent forms before the rites.

De Blasio said Wednesday the old policy of obtaining signed consent forms was “unenforceable” and offended some community members.

He also vowed that the city would stop any “wrongdoing” and prevent any mohel who gives a child herpes from continuing to administer the rite.



  1. In the time of Chazal, we did Metzitza on any wound, because that was the medical belief at the time.
    As we see the Droshos on the story of Eliezer when he went to bring Rivka, that he had to do Metzitza after she became wounded by piercing her nose with the Nezem Al Apoh.
    We should follow the Mesoirah and do Metzitza on all our wounds. And if somebody’s hand gets pricked while Shokeling Lulav and starts bleeding, then the Metzitza becomes part of the Mitzvahs Lulav.

  2. To # 2
    Did you ever hear of, Al Titosh Toras Imecho? We must follow the Mesoireh even if we don’t understand.
    I know someone who does Metzitzah on every wound that his children or he himself gets.