Porush: Shas Is Not a Chareidi Party


porMK (Yahadut Hatorah) Meir Porush slammed the Shas party, which he insists is not a chareidi party. His words serve to confirm accusations made by Shas leader Aryeh Deri, that Yahadut Hatorah has begun going after Shas voters. This by the way was confirmed by Moshe Gafne, who said this time around, they are going after any votes possible.

Porush was in Bnei Brak on Wednesday night 6 Adar at the opening of the party’s election headquarters in the Torah city.

He stated that while Shas continues to claim to be the party which really looks out for the underprivileged, Porush stated it is not so and only Yahadut Hatorah turns to the chareidi tzibur and concerns itself with these issues. Interestingly, Yated Neeman and Hamodia only report a portion of Porush’s criticism but the latter’s HaMevaser quotes his address without deleting portions.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A “win-win” statement, since:

    1. It might attract some Shas voters to vote for Yahadut ha-Torah

    2. It might encourage Kulanu or Yachad votes to support Shas (and those voters would never consider Yahadut ha-Torah, but post-election, Shas and Yahadut ha-Torah return to being close allies).

  2. since the ‘peleg hayerushalmi’ are not voting for gimel, ‘they are going after any votes possible’.
    gimel (chassidish part) is not going to give yahadut hatorah (litvish part)as many seats as they want, b/c the litvishe crowd (peleg yerushalmi) are not going to vote for them, or vote at all!!!

  3. Actually if you ever read on political game theory it makes the weirdness of Israeli politics less ridiculous. With proportional representation you are running not against the people you disagree with, but against the parties you have the most in common with – even though after the election those are the people you have to work with and will be allied with.

  4. They should better put their השתדלות in making peace with Reb Shmuel Auerbach shlit”a and secure the 15,000 votes they will be losing in this election. Better yet, i wish Reb Shmuel would direct all of his talmidim to Shas, thereby the votes would not be lost to the chareidi public.

  5. stam a deya…. get the facts straight!
    The Peleg Yerushalmi is less than 7000 votes tops (you can’t count the 3000 Arab votes they bought in the mayoral election in Yerushalayim by promising to protect mosques etc.)
    They can play a role now as the guarantee to an eighth seat for UTJ or as the spoilers. If UTJ gets that seat without them they will have accomplished nothing. In fact, if UTJ fails to get the seat the machlokes will be exacerbated beyond where it is now. If only this split-off would return to the mainstream olom hatorah all would be forgiven. How sad to see what is happening and otherwise fine Bnai Torah rebel against the Gedolei HaDor…

  6. Agreed.

    Give UTJ credit for standing up arm in arm with them the past to couple years instead shirking them like an albatross.

    So then UTJ should perhaps have made a deal with ..?

  7. This מוצאי שבת is supposed to be a mass gathering for them. Others have told me that they number closer to 50,000. I guess we will see how many come! Reb Shmuel is no small fries himself. No one גדול has a monopoly on דעת תורה contrary to the rubbish you hear from the holy חצר in בני ברק consisting of עסקנים and opportunists. Every גדול is entitled to his own opinion without having his adherents kicked out of yeshivos, shuls, etc…NEVER HAS SUCH A THING HAPPENED IN HISTORY !!!!

  8. stam a deya ,

    Hate to show you your ignorance ,but there are sources such as
    the Vilna Gaon (mishlei), that the leader of the generation does have a “monopoly”

    By the way,how are you different from what the modern orthodox have been whistling for eighty some years?(And the chassidim before them?)

    And who defines what a גדול is? anyone who puts up a shingle ?
    What fun ! Before long virtually anyone with a few fans is entitled to secede and venture out on his own!

    From a former admirer of Reb Shmuel who realizes that his “fans” have run amok
    and rather akin to Bar Kamtza rather get their way or will painfully bring down the whole edifice

  9. “About Time” The Litvish/Yeshivish oilem always held of the idea of eilu v’eilu. They also always held of the greatness of both Hillel and Shammai. The Rambam was also attacked by the gedolim in his era. The Reform and Conservative were attacked by the gedolim. Point is sometimes eilu veilua applies even if some gedolim said not at the time (i.e. Rambam, Chasidim, Rav Shmuel, etc.) and sometimes it doesn’t apply (i.e. Reform, Conservative, etc.)

  10. Lior,

    “even if some gedolim said not at the time (i.e. Rambam, Chasidim, Rav Shmuel, etc. ”

    You woefully underestimate the gedolim of yesteryear.

    You seem to assume because they later reconciled themselves to a new reality, that means they originally erred.
    ( A new reality which their opposition helped create).

    That is hardly the case


  11. About Time: So you maintain the gedolim who condemned the Rambam were correct but that it is just that later gedolim reconciled themselves with living with the Rambam being accepted?

    That is a very unique view you have that is not shared by the Gedolei Yisroel of today or yesteryear.