Moshe Feiglin Reveals Name of New Party


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feigOn the Patriot television panel show Wednesday night the eve of 7 Adar, Moshe Feiglin revealed the name of his new party: “Identity”, An Israeli Jewish Movement. (In Hebrew: Zehut: Tenuah Yisraelit Yehudit)

Feiglin said that he plans to turn to the broad public – not just religious or right. According to Feiglin, the party will create an alternative based on liberty, identity and meaning.

“Israel needs faith based leadership,” said Feiglin. “None of the parties running right now have solutions for the challenges facing Israel. I do not expect the new government to last more than two years.”

The journalists on the panel noted that Feiglin is not like Lapid, who won 19 seats the first time that he ran. Unlike Lapid, Feiglin is religious, with rightist views, does not host a popular television show and more. “All of that is right,” Feiglin countered. “But the difference between Lapid and me is that I am connected to reality. That reality necessitates the solution that I am talking about. At some point in the future, it will all come together. There will be no choice.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Could be, akuperma, but then again we don’t know what went on behind the scenes. They may not have wanted him or vice versa. On their side he comes across to the world as more militant, so it can be a p.r. problem. On his side, can we see him taking a back seat to anyone else on the ticket?

  2. Feiglin is an activist for Jews ascending to Har Habayit, and does so himself, whereas Yachad is so opposed to this that they refused to allow Ben-Ari to join because of this very issue. More fundamentally, Yachad is a sectoral charedi/chardal party whereas Feiglin has always been opposed to sectoral politics.

  3. @ yagel libi: not sure where you heard that yachad is sectoral bit that is completely inaccurate. Eli Yishai has said time and again that he would have a chiloni in his party if the right opportunity arose. Even the rumor you cite as to the reason that Ben Ari didn’t join was only because they wanted to actively promote going up Har Habais and R’ Eli said he couldn’t endorse that. A chiloni wouldn’t have that problem.

    I think Feiglin is a nice guy but having had the occasion to be in the same room as him discussing arab/Israel politics during the war this past summer, I can tell you that man is more disconnected from today’s reality then George Washington. Yair Lapid is disconnected too but reality is not feglins strength.

  4. @shalomh
    Eli Yishai refused Ben Ari because of the Har Habayis issue, he said it clearly in a radio interview.

    Marzel doesn’t go on Har Habayis ever since Harav Elyashiv zt”l told him not to.

  5. “I can tell you that man is more disconnected from today’s reality then George Washington.”

    That has been clear for years, based only on his public statements.

  6. #4- Yachad being sectoral: Look at their list of candidates, their spiritual leadership and their party platform. An off-the-cuff remark doesn’t make a dent in those fundamentals.

    Feiglin: I’ve also met him. Nice guy, an ideologue but not much of a politician.