Chicago Rabbinical Council Top 10 Questions for Pesach 5775


crcQ: What is the cRc policy regarding toothpaste?
A: The cRc only recommends toothpastes that are known to be chametz free or bear a Pesach certification.

Q: Do coffee pods, such as K-Cups, require Pesach certification?
A: Yes, coffee pods require Pesach certification. Starch can be added during the agglomeration process.

Q: Does raw sugar (turbinado sugar) need Pesach certification?
A: Raw sugar does not need a certification for Pesach, if no Pesach sensitive ingredients are added.

Q: What is the cRc’s policy regarding frozen fruit on Pesach?
A: Frozen fruit is acceptable for Pesach if it is not sweetened or cooked, and does not contain sensitive additives.

Q: Does the cRc consider quinoa kitniyos?
A: No, the cRc does not consider quinoa kitniyos. However, quinoa does still require a hechsher for Pesach, as many times it is processed in the same plant as other grains.

Q: Does frozen salmon need a hechsher for Pesach?
A: It is preferable to purchase frozen salmon with a hechsher for Pesach. If it’s not available, one may purchase frozen salmon without Pesach certification but it should be thoroughly rinsed prior to use.

Q: When selling my chametz do I need to sell wheat flour? How about barley?
A: Wheat is soaked it water before it is milled making even regular wheat flour safek chametz. Barley is not treated with water and it not chametz. Of course, barley should not used on Pesach, but it does not need to be sold.

Q: Does shredded coconut need Pesach certification?
A: Unsweetened shredded coconut does not need Pesach certification.

Q: Can I kasher my granite countertops? They installed it using a synthetic finish. Does that make a difference?
A: Yes, you can kasher granite countertops, even with a synthetic finish. The cRc policy allows kashering of synthetic material for Pesach. The proper method to kasher the counter is irui kli rishon (pouring boiling water over the surface of the counter).

Q: Can I use a steamer to kasher my countertops?
A: Yes, a steamer can be used to kasher counters provided that the counter is being kashered with actual water, not vapor, and the water is at or near the boiling point of 212F. Many steamers available to not meet these requirements.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)