France: Far-Right Chief Declares War On Dad After Nazi Gas Chambers Comment


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holThe leader of France’s far-right National Front has launched an all-out offensive against her father, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, saying she will oppose his candidacy in upcoming elections and condemning as “political suicide” his repeated comments that the Nazi gas chambers were a “detail in history.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Marine Le Pen said she will quickly convene the party’s executive bureau to seek “means to best protect the political interests of the National Front.” She said she’d oppose her father’s candidacy to head the list in December regional elections in southern France.

Le Pen has worked to clean up the party’s anti-Semitic, racist image and has fought a guerrilla war with her old-guard father, but this would be the first time she punished him.



  1. 1. Remember that virtually all French hate the Germans. In fact, by May 1945, close to 100% of all Frenchmen not only supported the resistance but they had decided they had supported the resistance retroactive to 1940 (something no one else seemed to have noticed). Virtually no one in France has any sympathy for the Nazis.

    2. In the 21st century, the enemy of ultra-nationalistic Europeans is the Muslims, and the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” makes the Europeans’ history of anti-semitism to be something to be rewritten out of history. By talking about the holocaust, the father is addressing an issue that is totally irrelevant to most Frenchmen – its Arabs they are concerned with.

    3, From a Jewish perspective, if one argues that the holocaust is a minor detail one is in effect arguing that genocidal behavior is something Europeans routinely do (a view held not only by Jews), which while being true is not something most Europeans like to be told (remember they hold that European Civilization is a tremendous accomplishment, rather than an oxymoron).

    4. Is there concern about a daughter publicly fighting with her father? Even gold hold by the concept of “Kibud Av”.

  2. Marine Le Pen has had the courage to distance herself from her racist anti-Semitic father. Will Rand Paul have the courage to do the same to HIS racist anti-Semitic father?