Minister of Intelligence And Strategic Affairs Steinitz Speaks Out Regarding Iran


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iraMinister of Intelligence & Strategic Affairs Dr. Yuval Steinitz on Monday, 24 Nissan released the following statement concerning an agreement with Iran to the media.

“Even as Iran disavows article after article in the framework agreement that was announced last week, the international community is beginning to ease restrictions on it.

“This is the direct result of the legitimacy that Iran is receiving from the nuclear deal being made with it. This also proves that the economic momentum in Iran that will come in the wake of the lifting of the sanctions will be exploited for armaments and not used for the welfare of the Iranian people.

“Instead of demanding that Iran desist from the terrorist activity that it is carrying out in the Middle East and throughout the world, it is being allowed to arm itself with advanced weapons that will only increase its aggression.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)