VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Sends a Message to Russia Regarding S-300 System


bibnPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, 1 Rosh Chodesh Iyar opted to send yet another message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Israel views with utmost gravity the supply of S-300 missiles from Russia to Iran, especially at a time when Iran is stepping up its aggression in the region and around the borders of the State of Israel. Israel also views with utmost gravity the fact that there is no reference to this aggression in the agreement being made between the major powers and Iran. There is no stipulation that this aggression be halted, whether at the start of the agreement or as a condition for the lifting of sanctions.

“Yesterday we saw the military parade in Tehran and Iran’s exhibition of weapons to the world. Every year the missiles are bigger and enhanced – in accuracy, strength and deadliness; however, one thing does not change. What does not change is the inscription ‘Death to Israel’ on the missiles. Against the threats that I have described, Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend the security of the state and its citizens.”

PM Netanyahu last week spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about his decision to sell the advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran. President Putin responded by defending his decision to lift the ban of the sale of the advanced system to the Iranians.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mr. Netanyahu is wasting his breath. Israel does not have the political or military power to make any effective complaints to Russia. Mr. Netanyahu would have found a much better audience if he made his comments discretely to the President of Israel’s biggest, strongest and most reliable ally, but Mr. Netanyahu instead chose to grand-stand before the US Congress, in a direct insult to the US president and the people who elected him. As a supporter of Israel, I hope the next government will find a way to guide its prime minister, whoever he/she is, to show more diplomatic skill.

  2. If Russia sells to Iran then Israel should sell highly advance weapons, missiles and fighter jets to Ukraine.

    That ought to get Russia to compromise fairly quickly.

  3. #1 Ludicrous and foolish

    nfgo3 ,a previously self declared amoral democrat,is once more showing his true colors.

    A better suggestion: Somehow bring Leiberman, who is well regarded and liked in Russia , into the coalition

  4. To commenter no. 3: I never declared myself amoral.

    To commenter no. 5: No, I am not upset about President Obama. He got out the vote for two US presidential elections. That’s pretty good community organizing. Perhaps you are upset, but not me.

    I am upset that a minority of Israel’s population has chosen such an egocentric leader who would endanger the Israeli alliance with the US. Fortunately for the Israeli people, President Obama does not hold petty grudges against a US ally because of the mistakes and insults of a particular prime minister.