Negotiating Crisis between Likud and Yahadut Hatorah [UPDATED 13:36 IL]


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litzman13:36 IL: It is now being reported that Yaakov Litzman, Moshe Gafne and Meir Porush have returned to negotiations with Likud.

Coalition talks between Likud and Yahadut Hatorah exploded on Tuesday morning 9 Iyar, leading to Yahadut Hatorah representatives walking out of the session. While it appeared a deal was imminent, it now appears the issue that led to the explosions is the monthly child allowance payments and no signing is going to take place in the immediate future. The issue of monthly child allowance payments has been at the core of machlokes between the chareidi parties and the prime minister for some time. During his tenure as finance minister, Mr. Netanyahu all but eliminated the monthly payments, a move that placed a stranglehold on many chareidi families.

At the start of Tuesday’s negotiating session Likud negotiators explained they have a problem with Yahadut Hatorah’s formula for monthly child allowance payments. When asked to elaborate as to the problem, Likud officials explained they cannot accept Yahadut Hatorah’s demands for the payments to become retroactive to the beginning of 2015, adding at best, they will be able to increase the monthly sum in the coming months after the state budget is passed.

After Yahadut Hatorah officials realized their objections and negotiating tactics were not going to change this reality, they got up and left.

Ladaat News explains that Yahadut Hatorah officials stated in their view, the government must be returning “the money stolen from families during the past two years and not just in the future”. It is not known when the sides will resume negotiations.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. People think that why should the government just give out money… they don’t realize that in every normal contry it goes like that, you help thr people with lower incomes. In America we have food stamps (about $10 per child!), wic, section aid, tax returns (I know in Israel you also get a drop of tax returns, in America you can get thousands..). I think yehadut hatorah is right, they stoled our money!!!!!

  2. Do the three nominally religious parties have a death wish?
    Are they issuing a “dare” to Netanyahu to form a government together with Kulanu, Yesh Atid and Labor (which would cut off all patronage for religious Jews, work against the settlements, and enforce the draconian conscrption law).

  3. “the government must be returning “the money stolen from families during the past two years and not just in the future”

    Tafasta mirubah lo tafasta. If they are going to sit on the outside/opposition, then they will definitely get nothing.

  4. Attitudes to a Government are made or broken during the era of Government forming

    The Attitudes beginning to develop amongst the much of the public is to indifferently shrug and yawn at this government (,build on the dissensions)and wait for it to eventually pass

    All this head in the sand haggling may score a point for the small parties’ constituents but is turning off the public,especially the white collar crowd

    Very problematic and a harbinger of coming trouble

  5. Right, the Non-Chareidi should work and give the money to our children. They should also send their children to war, to spare our children.
    Mamash Yemos Hamoshiach.

  6. Greed, Lust , and honour take a man from this world.

    We are seeing this in play.

    Who wants to give the frum parties the rope to hang themselves with( chas ve shalom)?

    About time? Apekurma? Zion Flag?

    I think we all agree no matter where we are on the frum ladder.

  7. #8 ,#10,

    1) a very large portion of the top financial echelon in Israel is comprised of chareidim. This is in addition to the numerous chareidim who are gainfully employed. This number has increased further in the last number of years.

    2) Even if nobody in the chareidi community would work, they would still be paying tremendous amounts of money to the Israeli government. The reason for this is that the Israeli taxation system – unlike the U.S. system – is especially regressive. In Israel, there is a large sales tax called V.A.T of 17% on all goods and services, with the exception until now of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, there is an extremely large tax on land and new construction.( This means that whenever any chareidi buys a dirah for his son or son-in-law, , they are in effect paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxes to the Israeli government.)

    These two represent the largest part of the income of the national government.