Yachad is Recounting Votes on 80 Polling Stations


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yishWhile Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu works to build his coalition government, the Yachad party headed by Eli Yishai continues fighting to overturn the results of the elections. The party fell short of reaching the minimum number of required votes to enter Knesset by about 11,000 votes. Yishai and other party officials have been yelling “foul play”, pointing a finger of blame at Shas, citing widespread election fraud.

While six weeks have passed since the national elections for 20th Knesset, Yachad remain tenacious in its efforts to enter Knesset. It is now reported that a recount of votes in ‘problematic’ voting stations began earlier this week and Yishai remains confident the results will verify the legitimacy of his claims, that many votes were disqualified due to foul play. Immediately following elections Yishai told Central Election Officials there was foul play in 200 polling stations. The committee has authorized a recount in 50 stations. Subsequently the committee authorized a recount in 30 additional polling stations for a total of 80.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yes the negotiations going on is terrible. YHT has a chance to be in the govt to protect the chareidi interests and they seem to be bungling it. do they want the Labor to be given a chance at forming a govt? Maybe if Yachad comes in we will have new players and a game change.