Kulanu Signs on to New Coalition


bikahMoshe Kahlon and his Kulanu party signed on to the new coalition as expected. It was the second party to sign on, after Yahadut Hatorah.

Moshe Kahlon will serve as Minister of Finance as expected. In addition, his party will control the Ministry of Housing, Israel Lands Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

Kahlon announced negotiations focused on the issues raised in his election campaign, namely housing and banking reforms. It was also agreed that Kulanu is not compelled to support Likud legislation seeking to curb the authority of the Supreme Court.

MK Yoav Gallant, a retired IDF Chief of Staff, will have observer status on the Security Cabinet without voting rights. The party also agreed on the target of passing the new biennial state budget by Sukkos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)