Baltimore: Sharpton to Lead Summit On ‘Improving Relations’


sharpThe Rev. Al Sharpton and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are scheduled to lead a summit on improving relations between police and the community after the death of a black man who was in police custody.

Among those joining Thursday’s meeting will be NAACP President Cornell William Brooks National Urban League President Marc Morial. The meeting is to be held at New Shiloh Baptist Church, where the funeral for Freddie Gray was held Monday.

Gray died from a spinal injury a week after his April 12 arrest. Hours later, violence erupted in the streets near the church. Local clergymen gathered at New Shiloh that evening and staged an impromptu march through the streets to bring calm. Those same clergymen are expected to attend the summit.



  1. In New York, his idea of improving relations included killing Jews and boycotting Asians. We should be wary (yet it should be noted that even though he is a major force in the Democratic party, even in New York many Jews still support the Democrats).

  2. And a death row inmate will be giving a seminar on how to get along with the victim.

    I know Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a liberal, but she’s a reasonably intelligent liberal. Can she really be that stupid?

  3. So the summit will basically give the following advice. First destroy personal property, break store front glass and loot the stores, rip bricks from sidewalks and pelt police officers with it, burn down community based necessities like CVS and have it sanctioned by the city mayor “giving those who wished to destroy the space to do that”. And then and only then call for a summit to ease relations between the police and the hooligan thugs.
    When will we rid ourselves of this piece of garbage?

  4. Glad to see not too Sharpton ym’sh it’s back in his race hustling bidniz.

    He’s gonna die on a Jewish holiday because no matter the day, it WILL be a holiday!

  5. akuperma: One little (really big) issue is, in places like Baltimore, the primaries for the local elective offices are in effect, the election. If you’re not registered Democrat and can’t vote in their primaries, you have no say in who your local elected officials are.

    You can still vote for whoever you want in the General Elections.

    I always held my nose and registered Democrat, but usually voted Republican.