PHOTOS: NYPD Investigating Hate Crime At Moisha’s Supermarket On Ave M


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The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating a swastika and hate slurs in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Monday evening.

Sources tell YWN that an employee at the supermarket found the swastika and graffiti scratched into the concrete in front of the store – located on Avenue M and East 4th Street.

Detectives from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct along with the Hat Crimes Task Force are investigating the incident.

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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. The major hate crime in front of Moshe’s is trying to drive through Avenue M between E.4th and E. 3rd. It’s narrow and cars are backed up and double parked on both sides.

    How insensitive was it to create a supermarket next to and across private homes; and then to expand it when business boomed.

    If I were not a customer, I’d be tempted to display my displeasure too.

  2. cherrybim sorry to bust your bubble but Moishas bought over a Key food supermarket that has been there from before 1965. Not to come to anyone’s defense The owner of the supermarket arranged parking for their customers. The fact that there are rude and inconsiderate drivers and parkers is not the supermarkets problem

  3. As you must know Shloim, comparing Key Food to Moishe’s is like comparing apples to oranges; pig’s knuckles to kishke; lobster to gefilte fish; b’nai neichar to ahm k’doshim.