Another Violent Anti-Semitic Attack in France; Two Thugs Pin Down Victim While Another Beats Him


ppoOnce again anti-Semitism has struck in France as a 16-year-old male wearing a yarmulke was attacked on his way home from a shul on Friday night 26 Iyar. The latest assault occurred outside Buttes Chaumont Park, the location of previous attacks as well. According to the report, the victim told authorities the four men who approached him appeared to be “N. African”.

The assailants held the victim down while one continued beating him. He sustained a serious eye injury. The attackers made off with his shoes and smashed his phone. It is reported that while he was being beaten a passerby described as N. African as well shouted to “break him” and joined in.

The investigation continues. No arrests have been made.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. my sources from that area (19th Arrondissement, Paris) say it happened at 3pm not on his way back from shul which would explain why he was acrrying a phone.

  2. niturei karta put out a press release stating this was an act of violence perpetrated by the zionist entity to conspire to scare jews out of france and become occupiers of palestine.

  3. jew yorker, are you for real? Because that is pathetic,although not surprising. I would like to pass the NK spokesmen a little message: There is a huge signed petition going to all NKers, to have you move to France en masse (that is a French term. Look it up or ask a Parisian mugger), and take over the flats and homes of the Jews who are there now, and allow them to get to Palestine faster. There re not that many of you, but if there is overflow, the surplus NK immigrants can find flats on the Shariah Law sections of the greater Paris metropolitan area. Have fun!