MAZEL TOV! Bnei Brak Couple Has a Boy After 47 Years of Marriage


iab.jpgThere is great joy for a Bnei Brak family that gave birth to a boy after 47 years of marriage. Rav Shmuel Shachar, 67, and his wife Mrs. Sarah Shachar, 65, had a baby boy after decades of being together.

Persons who know the family explain they simcha is beyond words as they have been davening for years to experience this day. Many chassidim in particular are seeking an explanation. Sanzer Chassidim are explaining the previous rebbe zy”a promised they would have a child.

Shachar is a chossid affiliated with Nadvorna, where it is explained the Rebbe ZATZAL promised the couple a child when they came to him and explained their pain.

Whatever the case may be the simcha is enormous for the chassidus, the kehilla and many who know the couple.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. All is in hashem of course, but this was not a totally random natural event.

    The was an IVF pregnacy along with other fertitility help as well

  2. We don’t have to look for excuses all the time this was 100% from Hashem through the power of a tzadiks bracha. Everything else is totally not relavent

  3. The Gemorah (Taanis) reveals to us that one of the three “keys” not given totally to man is the key of “chaya” childbirth. I don’t recall it saying there unless the doctors perform IVF. “Just saying.”

  4. Obviously, there is some combination here of intervention from shamayim, incredible IVF effort and good mazal. Question is why a couple of that age would want to undertake the challenges of raising a baby but that is their choice and they should live long enough to bring him/her to the chupah.

  5. #1
    אין חדש תחת השמש
    I know plenty that have tried IVF at those ages and it hasn’t worked for them. besides, who said this was the case here? In addition, it would only have been a tool/ a shaliach sent by the eibishter and the eibeshter will have decided if it should or shouldn’t work for them. IVF doesn’t always work. Hashem has got to make that decision…
    Go learn some emunah please