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How the Jerusalem Shavuos Stabbing Victims Ran 100s of Meters

mdanAfter being stabbed in an attack near Shar Shechem on Shavuos night, the two wounded Breslov Chassidim ran hundreds of meters, a brother of one of the victims’ reports. Nachman Rabibo told the press that after being wounded, “they got up and ran 600 meters (656 yards) as they were bleeding from their stab wounds.

Nachman Shai Rabibo, brother of one of the victims, told Kikar Shabbos News that their conditions have improved and they are now listed in light condition. “They were saved by a miracle, nothing less” he exclaimed. “They were both stabbed in the upper back near a shoulder and their injuries are only superficial” he added.

Nachman explains they were heading to the Kosel when they were attacked. He added when they arrived at a police post they had an altered mental state, which he attributes to their loss of blood. Doctors are hopeful that they will be released in the coming days as they are improving.

The attacker is believed to be a 19-year-old Arab male who is in custody. The suspect was arraigned and ordered held without bail on Sunday, 7 Sivan.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. something went wrong with the security this year. Usually on shavuos throughout the night you have them every few minutes along shar shchem….. The police need to be held accountable. ONe of the busiest kosel days of the year.

  2. It’s no wonder that an Arab stabbed someone on Shevuos. Throngs of people walk through shaar schem in the wee hours of Shevuos morning, singing and dancing, banging on Arab’s doors to awake them. Young kids are filling keyholes with pieces of wood so the Arabs have a hard time opening their stores in the morning (some of the Arabs wrapped their locks in tape to stop the kids from ruining their locks). It’s a two sided fight, if we stop bothering and angering them we will have less attacks, and thing would be more peaceful.

  3. Stop walking through shaar shchem it’s never safe. They are just waiting for opportunities to kill and are not afraid of the consequences

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