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New Early Warning System for Mortar Rockets Deployed in S. Israel

kasA new radar system was deployed in southern Israel on Tuesday, 8 Sivan that will provide an early warning to border area residents of an incoming mortar shell attack. The system is designed for the communities closest to the Gaza border and while only a few communities have the unit today, the IDF hopes all the communities in the area will have it by summer’s end.

The short-range mortar shells have been a major threat as there is no early warning and launch-to-impact time is too short to permit the Iron Dome to intercept them. In some cases, depending on location, residents may have less than 15 seconds to run for cover and in other communities, there is no warning – a mortar shell simply explodes without warning.

It does not appear this new system will perform with 100% accuracy, but it is expected to significantly reduce the number of undetected mortar attacks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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