Sadigura Rebbe on WhatsApp


sadigEchoing the words of the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita, the Sadigura Rebbe Shlita speaks out against social networks including WhatsApp.

During a mussar schmooze, the rebbe spoke out strongly against the application, stating WhatsApp results in “rechilus and bitul Torah”. He explained “Just this week I had to address a difficult shalom bayis issue in a family and I am well-aware just how far one can fall spiritually and the damage that can be caused. I am asking everyone connected to our holy court and Rozin and Sadigura dynasty to cut off from all of this!”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the Admor is ALSO referring to the “Kosher” Whatsapp that is using on Kosher phones?

  2. I need to ask a question and it is totally betmimus. I have not a drop of complaint or argument Ch’v with the rebbe, and I can see why he is making this outcry – it is horrifying to see something in the world of tech that may have facilitated rechilus and shalom bayis problems. We want to prevent that. But, do we not have halachos in place regarding this? The same kinds of horror stories have stemmed from telephone calls and old-fashioned letters that may have found their way into the wrong hands. Shall we then ban telephones and writing letters? The same kinds of horror stories have resulted from face-to-face conversations. This is not exactly new. Think Yosef and his brothers. Think the churban bais hamikdosh! Shall we then cut out our tongues? I did not hear the Rebbes zol zein gezunt decree that there should be a movement to realy learn, master, and put into practice the halachos of lashon hara, rechilus, kabalah of same, and above all ve’ahavta leracha kamocha? Why not!? There are amazing sefarim and organizations available for all, at every level, on all these topics, and these are chiyuvim de-Oraysa! Can we not learn how to use blessings of technology for the good? Can we not be told that each person must make his own siyagim? What happened to using our Bechira to become elevated? Let’s start a thread on this.

  3. What about email? Landlines? Mobile phones? Sms? Or/and any other form of communication !

    Little difference between sms and whatsupp besides a small profile picture. People should study Torah and work on their midot, study mussar, and only then will they stop rechilus, lashon hara and bittul torah

  4. # 6 iamdisgusted – it’s good to know that you are not really familiar with WhatsApp. The truth, however, is that you can send pictures, videos, voice messages, and use as a VOIP phone to someone like skype to skype (albeit that function is not great) as well as texting.

    …and no, I do not use that program extensively, but have used it in the past.

    It’s easy to dismiss the Admor’s words, but that is the results of foolishness. Every technology needs introspection and at times consultation before using. One has to discern whether the pros out-way the cons.

  5. #. Mrs. D: You ask, “But, do we not have halachos in place regarding this?” Answer: No, we do not. Whatsapp and the internet is a catastrophe of gigantic proportions. There is nothing like it and there has never been anything like it.

  6. Trust789, whatsapp and the internet are not a catastrophe.The misuse and abuse of them are a crisis and can lead to catastrophe. Maybe they can even be characterized as the avodah zara of today in terms of their temptations and their adictability. Seeing as every generation has its avoda zara, yes, I totally get that there is a place for a Rebbe or any Torah leader, to make gezeiros, to decry and protest destructive choices, and restrict things that are risky. But I am not seeing this in the reaction to Whatsapp. I am seeing kneejerk fearful responses. I am asking – why not go to the underlying root of it all! I am decidedly NOT downplaying any tragic use of this! I am saying that I think the reinforcement of the halachos, and increasing that awareness with the SAME TONE AND SEVERITY as are the outcries of assur! about whatsapp itself, would have a better impact,as people would be going to the root of the issue and hopefully increasing their sensitivities & their adherence to bein adam lechaveiro mitzvos in general! And I do learn shmiras Halashon and Chofetz Chaim daily, and – shocking news: yes, the halachos do exist (if you would learn them you would see they are there). The Heilige Chofetz Chaim talks about every type of instance and that includes writing and otherwise publicizing. He talks about public and private ways of spreading rechilus and other forms of hatred-based behavior. As with anything new in technology, one only needs to find the parallels. Only a shortsighted understanding would lead one to think that chalilah a “halacha does not exist!”