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Chareidim Face an Uphill Battle in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Yovel Neighborhood

kyoThe battle against the growing chareidi presence in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood of Yerushalayim continues as there is now opposition to authorization given to a number of daycare centers serving the chareidi tzibur. The city’s planning council this past week authorized a number of chareidi daycare centers.

The city coalition was divided as representatives of the mayor abstained. The representatives of the Hisorarus party opposed the authorization and the chareidim supported it. As a result the authorization was granted for a five-year period. Hisorarus officials’ are angered as they continue their battle against the chareidim.

Deputy Mayor (Hisorarus) Ofir Berkowitz has begun circulating a petition and launched a Facebook effort calling on his supporters in Kiryat Yovel to fight the authorization given retroactively for the chareidi daycare centers. He explains the community is at a ‘critical junction” and if the chareidim are not stopped the area will be overrun by the chareidi presence.

Berkowitz explains the planning committee is controlled by Yahadut Hatorah and this is how the chareidim succeeded in having the illegal daycare centers authorized retroactively. Berkowitz warns his supporters that the decision will impact the character of the community and residents mustn’t remain apathetic. “We have a mandate from the tzibur to protect on the character of Yerushalayim, to protect the regular neighborhoods of the city. We, those who voted for the mayor, wish to remind him. We and many others support him”.

“We feel efforts must be made to find solutions for the chareidi public, quality solutions, in the neighborhood of Bayit Vegans, which is near Kiryat Yovel. It is only 550 meters away. This will permit us to protect the community and any attempt that poses a threat to the delicate balance by authorizing the illegal daycare centers, are improper for Jerusalem and improper government rule”.

Berkowitz concludes, “Come and sign the petition and clarify to the mayor just what Kiryat Yovel residents want. Jerusalem is important to us and the decision must be changed! Together we can influence and secure the future of the character of the neighborhood”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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