B’chasdei Hashem – Disabled Children Removed from Burning Minibus in Time


03B’chasdei Hashem what could have been a disaster ended without incident on Monday afternoon 12 Tammuz in Nazareth. A school transport vehicle was traveling on Derech HaEmek, stopped at a traffic signal, when a passing police unit noticed smoke emanating from the front of the vehicle.

The policemen immediately realized what was taking place and ran to the vehicle and extricated five children before it burst into flames.

Police Superintendent David Shoshani explained “We happened to be passing by near the city poll in Upper Nazareth when I and two other policemen who were with me in the vehicle noticed smoke coming out of the minibus, from the front end. We ran from the vehicle while shouting at the driver who screamed back there are children inside.

“We opened doors but the fire already began spreading and there was acrid smoke but we managed to get the five children out. These were disabled children in wheelchairs. We got them to safety…”

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)