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MDA Volunteers Teach Members of Knesset CPR

mdaMagen David Adom youth volunteers (under 18) instructed Members of Knesset in CPR. The event took place on Tuesday afternoon, 13 Tammuz, in Knesset. The purpose of the event was to bring the activities of the MDA youth to the lawmakers, pointing out the organization does not enjoy national funding because it is not recognized as youth organization.

The Knesset on Tuesday was honoring the nation’s youth and MDA took advantage to show them just what the EMS organization’s young volunteers are capable of while pointing out that unlike youth organizations around the country, MDA youth do not enjoy any national government funding.

The youths in MDA, age 16 and 17, are certified in first aid and ride on ambulances along with EMTs. Many if not most continue their service after turning 18, advancing their training with EMT and other courses as they continue their volunteerism.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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