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IDF Elite Units Combining to Form New Commando Brigade

idfThe IDF is taking soldiers from a number of its elite units to form a first-ever commando brigade. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkott announced the formation of the elite brigade, which will consolidate the four elite units in the IDF; Maglan, Duvdevan, Egoz and Rimon. At present, the first two are part of the paratroop corps, Egoz with the Golani Brigade and Rimon with the Givati Brigade. While the independent units will not be eliminated, the cooperation between units will permit a joint elite anti-guerilla/terror force if and when required.

Operating with a sharply cut budget yet compelled to face new regional realities, the IDF is on a path to streamline and become increasingly efficient. The IDF for example is only focusing on about a third of its reserve duty forces. This small number will train annually and be the core reserve duty force that will be relied upon in a time of war. The other two-thirds may be called to duty as well, but the crux of the training and honing of skills will focus on the one-third only.

The first commander of the new brigade will be Colonel David Zini who now serves as Central Command Chief of Operations.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Zionists apparently have short memories, if you recall 13 soldiers RL died in Gaza last year due to their armored carrier breaking down due to budget cuts, now they will put Jewish soldiers lives at risk for money. I have an idea stop welfare to Arabs and use that money to help soldiers.

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