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Committee to Evaluate the Security Budget Presents its Recommendations to PM Netanyahu

bibnThe committee to evaluate the security budget chaired by Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yochanan Locker has completed its work and presented its report to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday 20 Tammuz. The recommendations will be published within two weeks after having been assessed by the relevant elements in the Defense Ministry and the Finance Ministry.

The public committee was established in May of last year by Prime Minister Netanyahu pursuant to a Security Cabinet decision. In its letter of appointment, the Prime Minister instructed the committee to evaluate the desired size of the security budget in light of socio-economic needs and a series of other issues.

The committee was also given the authority to deal with any subject relevant to the security budget. The committee worked over the past year, chaired by Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Locker; its other members were Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Ami Shafran, Police Commander (ret.) Esther Dominisini, Yossi Ackerman, David Baruch, Anat Levine, Prof. Rivkah Carmi and Prof. Bentzi Zilberfarb and Dr. Shuki Friedman (secretary).

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “I would like to thank Yochanan Locker and the members of the committee. I know that you have dedicated your life to the security of Israel and you wrote this report, along with the other members of the committee, on behalf of the security of Israel. I would like to thank you personally, and each of you for the expedited work. You tried to balance two major needs – those of the security establishment and the socio-economic needs of the State of Israel. I will read the report in depth. I appreciate your professionalism, dedication and commitment to Israel’s security, as well as the year you dedicated on behalf of this important goal.”

Locker added, “We humbly took this mission upon ourselves out of the deep understanding of the magnitude of the responsibility and what was expected of us. As per your request, the committee evaluated the security establishment from a broad perspective that encompassed the needs of the economy and of the State of Israel, on the basis that the State of Israel will need a strong and qualitative defensive force for many years. We have witnessed the strengthening of the IDF’s operational capabilities and it’s fighting force. The members of the committee recognize and appreciate the dedication of those who serve in the IDF. I would like to thank the committee members for a year of thorough work. On their behalf I would like to thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for the confidence you gave us. We hope that the recommendations of the committee will be adopted and will contribute to the security of the State of Israel.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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